Oryx 70L was designed to carry equipment for a 72-hour deployment. 
The Oryx 70L is an innovative military bag, designed to withstand heavy-duty usage, it is durable, sturdy, and able to endure all kinds of weather conditions.

Modular ORYX system – The ORYX 70L backpack can be integrated with the Oryx 20L, for increased volume

– The Oryx series unique form-fitting, Thermoformed back panel with 3 point adjustment settings provides for enhanced performance. Ergonomically divided weight distribution.

– Durable shoulder straps with soft padding for maximum comfort. Ergonomically designed to prevent pressure on your shoulders when carrying heavyweight.

– Padded, form-fitted waist belt for optimal support. Provides a snug fit and a balanced weight distribution.

– Heavy-duty, durable materials and fabrics, abrasion-resistant to withstand surface wear, UV resistant, WR.

– Modular MOLLE system for expansion options.

– Ability to carry a large volume of equipment. For smaller loads, the backpack has been designed with a compression system for space-saving.

– Multiple inner and outer compartments, pouches, and pockets allowing for a balanced distribution of the equipment, pro

– Long WR zippers allow for easy access to the main compartment

– Extra pocket for the HAGOR AQUAPOD® hydration bladder


Color Ranger Green/ Black
Weight 4.1 kg
Size 30x40x65cm
Volume 70L


Oryx – The Ultimate Adaptable Warfighter System
Designed with the future soldier in mind, Oryx is built to deliver the highest level of performance and comfort. It’s fully adaptable to every mission and can be used with or without body armor. Its scalable, modular configuration enables each soldier to choose the right Oryx pack size for every mission-specific load.