Oryx – The Ultimate Adaptable Warfighter System. Designed with the future soldier in mind, Oryx is built to deliver the highest level of performance and comfort. It’s fully adaptable to every mission and can be used with or without body armor. Its scalable, modular configuration enables each soldier to choose the right Oryx pack size for every mission-specific load.



Created for the Israeli army, Aquapod is a patented next-generation hydration system, built to handle even the harshest environments. Made with non-reflective, mil-spec materials and lined with antimicrobial Microban silver ions, it revolutionizes filling, cleaning, and drying, setting new standards for durability and ergonomic comfort. Fully adaptable, Aquapod is an integral part of the ORYX system and can be used with all Hagor Tactical packs and combat vests, or as a stand-alone hydration system.

Carrying and Protecting for More than Half a Century.

With comprehensive production equipment and a highly-skilled workforce, Hagor Industries is a leader in its field, serving security entities around the world. Its autonomous manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015-certified, able to ensure non-stop product supply and rapid response to new orders, as well as custom-made production runs. Following product design, manufacturing begins with the making of patterns and the molding of prototypes for customer approval. Cutting, sewing, soldering, laser-cutting, and thermoforming complete the process.

From stitch to product. Everything under one roof.

Hagor’s R&D team proudly offers custom solutions. From concept and design to in-house manufacturing, Our team works directly with you in order to create the best tailor-made solutions for your needs. By focusing on the end-user experience, we provide outstanding solutions that feature contemporary design, without compromising on functionality and convenience – all made from the world’s best materials.

Professional certification