ALX 6609 Bulletproof Backpack

ALX 6609 bulletproof backpack, the pinnacle of personal safety and peace of mind. Protected with lightweight armor seamlessly integrated into its sleek design, this backpack provides unparalleled security without sacrificing style or functionality. Tested and certified against 44 magnum and 9mm. Engineered to withstand the unexpected, it offers a shield against potential threats, making it an essential companion for students, professionals, and travelers alike.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


– Exceptionally wide opening allows to extract items quickly and easily.
– The bag’s capacity may be extracted by attaching a cover with adjustable straps.
– Ballistic layer level IIIA Aramid UD / PE.
– Made from MIL spec materials adapted for civilian use.


Total Weight 1.5 kg only (including armor)
Volume 25 L
Available Colors Ranger green / Black (in stock) Camouflage / Blue (on order – MOQ 100)

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