Bandolera 3 Sack Band

Suitable for soldiers and elite combat units

– Water-resistant
– Can be shrunk
– Lightweight
– I’m Compact

Ranger Green

weight 0.15g

CM 59 X 38.5 X 17
Length 59cm
Width 38.5cm
Depth 17cm

volume 25 liters

Materials Made of Dimont Ripstop fabric D70

A compact and lightweight sack bag designed to be carried in a combat backpack for a soldier.
Allows compressing items and maintaining order and organization. The bag band is resistant to moisture and keeps equipment dry, closes by rolling and can be shrunk. The bag has three Picklock buckles that allow quick contraction and stretching. The bag is very effective in maintaining the order and organization of objects and allows for efficient, economical and compact storage. On the front is a sticker that matches the name tag or unit symbol.