BPV “Titan” Protection Level IIIA


BPV “Titan” protection level IIIA is made according to NIJ 0101.06 standard with Aramid or PE fabric in a heavy-duty Polyester carrier.

This vest offers a higher protection including sides, shoulders, neck and groin. 
This is the most favorable vest upon the Press and Media personnel all over the world.




– Ballistic layer Aramid or PE, PU coated, WR
– BPV outer shell Polyester 600D
– Front-to-back wrap with overlap protection
– 2-point adjustable vest cover with mesh spacer lining for additional comfort
– Heavy-duty reinforced drag strap

– Protection area; front, back, sides, shoulders, neck and groin

–  Top loading front and back pockets for ballistic hard plates


Optional Additions

– Molle system

– Stab and Spike protection
– Extra side protection
– Hard ballistic plates for front and back pockets. (Upgrade to protection level III/ III+/ IV)


Available Colors







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