AQUAPOD + Fabric Case


The hydration system is suitable for carrying on backpacks and vests.



– Simplicity: AQUAPOD is simple and easy to use, both in terms of operation and maintenance.

– Operation: The AQUAPOD has two aggregation modes. In the ‘Fill’ mode, the bag is transformed from a two-dimensional, to a three-dimensional bag, which allows the user to refill in a convenient and efficient manner without spillage.

– Structural strength: The AQUAPOD is more durable compared to similar products on the market due to a lower amount of welded parts. A reduction in the amount of welded parts produces a final product with lower failure points.

– Ventilation and drying capacity: The structure of the product allows for better and faster ventilation and drying ability. In a situation where the AQUAPOD hangs upside down, it is easier to ventilate and clean it. The cleaning process is simple. Remove the upper lid, insert cleaning cloth, clean thoroughly with the use of your hand. Crock Opening size – 85 MM. Easy to access & easy cleaning, Quick Dry.

– Weight. The weight of the AQUAPOD is lower compared to other products in the market. The weight reduction is due to the unification of various elements into a unified assembly.

– Material – Microban® TPU 04, BPA & Phthalate Free. Anti-Bacterial

– Mil-STD – Tested and improved by Israeli Standards Institute.

– Pressure resistance – Over 200 KG accordance to STD- ASTM D 882

– Drop test – accordance to STD-ASTM D 55276.

– Sensory Analysis Triangle Test – accordance to STD- DIN 10955

– Tube – quick release. Black/ranger green Neoprene full cover


Available Colors

Ranger green, Black



41.5/20 Cm

Volume – 3 Liter

Length – 100 Cm


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